Web Hosting

Do not allow cost considerations to blind you when determining where to host your website. You might have the best designed and search engine optimized website, but you will not get the desired results if you do not host it properly. At WebDigital, we are a web design company that offers web hosting as one of our services.


We offer scalability since we understand that your business may outgrow your current hosting plan. We have different packages for clients with different needs, including unlimited domain, add-on domain and sub-domain options. Our hardware is scalable in that we are able to increase processing power, web server capacity and make other upgrades when need arises.

Why Hire Us for Web Hosting?


Monitor and Maintain

We constantly monitor and regularly maintain the servers we use for hosting to ensure they are bug and error free at all time. We are proactive in this to prevent any down time. We also do regular database upgrades. We guarantee server uptime of 99%.


Enough Disk Space

Whichever package, you will be guaranteed of enough disk space for everything on your website. You will also be guaranteed of bandwidth that is commensurate with your traffic. These technical provisions reduce the risk of crashing. Your web designer Singapore will help you determine exactly what you need.


Customer Support

Your web designer will offer customer support to ensure that any problem that you encounter is catered for. We offer ‘live support’ around the clock. We also offer information through flash tutorials, email, phone support and intuitive FAQs.


Content Updates

We offer regular site content updates. Up to 50% of the money you pay goes towards content updates.


Hacker insurance

As a responsible web design Singapore Company, it is our policy to offer hacker insurance to our clients.


Daily Off-Site Backups

We do daily off-site backups of historical data. This is done hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your package. We then store this data in secure off-site facilities.


Internet Security

Another of our policies as a web design company is internet security. We take measures to ensure that that your sensitive data is safe. We understand that this data could destroy your operations if it were to get to your competitors.


Web Hosting Services

Our web design company offers a choice of different web hosting services, among them shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, collocation web hosting service, cloud hosting, clustered hosting and home server. This means you will get exactly what you need.