Web Development Company

More and more people are buying goods and services online. The number of those reading reviews and getting recommendations online is also growing. It is for this reason that our team at Top3Media is offering web development Services in Singapore.

Web development refers to the complete range of work that is involved in the development of a website for the World Wide Web or for intranet. So, what is the web development process of our web design company?

What are the characteristics of the websites we design?


Assigning a Web Designer

When you enlist our services, we will assign a web designer Singapore to you who will listen to what you have in mind. Your web designer will ask you questions with regard to the purpose of the website, your goals/what you intend to achieve with the website, your target audience and the content to be generated.



Next is the planning stage. This involves the development of a site map which lists all the major topic areas (and sub-topics where applicable). This will serve as a guide when developing content. Your web designer Singapore will also decide on the CMS and other elements to use during implementation.



Phase 3 is the design phase. This will bring out the feel and look of the website. Our web design Singapore Company will come up with such things as the company logo and other elements such as color. A good website is one that brings out your company’s identity. Your web designer will be able to capture this in the final design.


Web Development

Web development involves client side coding, server side coding, client side + server side and the deployment of database technology. The web designers Singapore we have in our team have skills in GUI (Graphic User Interface) design, video, animation, and audio processing and encoding, flash capabilities and more.



Your web designer will then do web server stress testing and carry out other tests before handing over the website. Other than testing, other final details that we take care of include plug-in installation and search engine optimization.



We will then hand over the website to you. The final step is maintenance. Maintenance is important because it is only through continuous improvement that your website will remain at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).