Web Copy Writing

As the old adage goes, content is king. At WebDigital, we are a Singaporean web design company that will, among other things, assist you to get the best web copy for your website. You need good content for your website because:

  • There will be improved visitor experience, which translates to greater loyalty and consequently return customers and recommendations.
  • Great content attracts organic links. With regular Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, link building remains one of the most effective SEO tactics.
  • Good content brings you out as an expert in your niche.
  • Conveying your message in your tone means you will get the desired effect from your content.

Conversion Rates

Once you contact us for web copy writing services, we will assign a web designer to guide you in the process. We focus on in-depth research and we ensure that your website is engaging. You will get higher conversion rates since you will have a target audience and a Call-To-Action will be visible for everyone to see. Keep in mind that a visitor judges your website within the first 7 seconds.

Our Web Copy Writing Process


Your Ideal Reader

The first step is the description of your ideal reader. Your web designer Singapore will rely on your input because you know who you are targeting, but you will benefit from his/her experience and training. You should, however, not just think of such demographics as gender, age, education and income. You should also think of such things as what keeps your target audience awake at night and what they dream of achieving in their lives.



Once we have decided on your target audience, our web designers’ next role is the creation of a comprehensive list of the features/specifications of the website, the problems you help avoid and the benefits of the different features to your readers.


Value Preposition

Next, your web designer Singapore will help you to come up with an enticing value
preposition. This is important because your value preposition is your pick-up line. Our web design company comes up with value prepositions that consist of headings, subheadings and a number of bulleted points. With a value preposition, visitors who are in a hurry get to see what you are offering.


First Draft

Your web designer will then write the first draft. Once this is done, we will edit the copy. Some of the common features in the content done by web content writers in our web design Singapore company include zero spelling and grammatical mistakes. They are written in a tone that is engaging, persuasive and credible.


Optimization of The Copy

The last step is optimization of the copy. You might have the best web content, but it is of no use if your target audience does not see it. Your web designer will take such White Hat SEO measures as keyword optimization and the inclusion of contextual links.