Online Marketing

At WebDigital, we offer a variety of online marketing services. We will walk with you once you launch your website because we understand that this is the only way you will achieve success. We recommend online marketing over traditional marketing because:

  • You will enjoy the benefits that come with data collection. Every time a customer comes to you through an online marketing campaign, the transaction is captured. You can analyze this data to make more informed decisions. As an example, you will be able to profile customers based on their buying habits.
  • Online marketing gives your visitors a personalized web experience. This is important in that it builds customer loyalty through the building of strong bonds.
  • You will save money because you will not incur such costs as staffing and premises costs. You also save money because of lower financial management costs and the shorter channel of distribution (disintermediation).

Competitor Analysis

It is much easier to do competitor analysis online. Keeping abreast with what competitors are doing is important because you will have information on new product/service releases and you will be able to react to price changes. Online marketing allows you to quickly react to change of strategy by your competitors.

Web Design Singapore: Our Primary Online Marketing Service


Search Engine Optimization

At WebDigital, we are a web design company offering comprehensive web design and development services. We do SEO (search engine optimization) web design to ensure that your website ranks highly in search engine results pages.



Our web design Singapore strategy includes ensuring that your website focuses on usability and not beauty. We minimize the use of video and audio files because loading speed is a factor when search engines are determining ranking. We also minimize on the use of Java and Flash because they can cause navigation problems.



We use simple HTML. Other strategies we employ include using attention-grabbing headers since this is often the first thing visitors see when they come to your site and making sure your ‘squeeze pages’ do their job.



You could do online marketing yourself, but hiring a web design company like WebDigital means you benefit from our experienced and well-trained web designers and from our tools. You also save money in that you do not have to hire a permanent team for the job.