Mobile Sites

Many Singaporeans are today accessing the Internet on their mobile phones and other handheld devices. It is for this reason that we at WebDigital create websites with mobile website in mind. We are a web design company that offers web design as well as related services such as hosting and web content development. Other advantages of a mobile site are:

  • Your visitors will have an improved user experience since there will be increased loading speed and the content will fit perfectly on the screens of mobile devices. Internet users are usually impatient and they will simply move to your competitors’ websites if they are not satisfied by yours.
  • Users will get increased average time on your website. Studies show that the more time people spend on your site, the more likely they are to buy from you. With a mobile-friendly website, visitors are able to easily navigate your web pages to the pages where you are offering your products/services.
  • Faster load speed is important because Google and other search engines consider loading speed when determining ranking in search engine results pages.
  • Not all your competitors will have a mobile-friendly website. If you have one, you will have bragging rights and something to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Responsive Website

As a web design Singapore Company that is ahead of its time, we have adopted a “mobile-first” philosophy. The web designer Singapore we assign you will adopt a responsive web design strategy which ensures you have the same website for visitors using different devices. This saves you money since you do not have to develop, host and manage different websites.

Important considerations in mobile web design strategy



We consider the specific needs of your mobile website. The work required for a brand new website is different from one that only requires redesigning. We also consider your business objects and what your competitors are doing. We will do research (such as competitive analysis) and rely on your input to determine the needs of your website.



An important factor your web designer will consider is the technology to use. Our designers are trained and have experience in the best responsive web design technologies. You will also benefit from the tools we have in our arsenal.



Your web designer Singapore will also consider the layout to use. We usually use single-column layouts since these layouts not only help with the management of limited space, but they also allow for easy scaling between different device resolutions and easy flipping between landscape and portrait mode.



We will consider your budget and will try to give you the best you can get with what you have. We also ensure you have the last word when it comes to the particulars of your website – our work is only to advice you.


Other important components of our mobile web design Singapore :

  • If the website will be ‘clickable’ or ‘tappable’.
  • Vertical hierarchy (we incorporate collapsible terms to ensure readers to not have to go through too much information).
  • We incorporate interaction feedback.
  • We test your website before releasing it to you.
  • We do continuous maintenance.