Medibank is one of the most comprehensive and efficient systems in the market today that effectively aids in the managing of Clinic and Health Reporting data for patients, clinics, hospitals and corporate clients.

This advanced software system automates various daily administrative tasks, which streamlines processes and leads to higher levels of efficiency. With a unique set of features and modules, Medibank is set to revolutionise the way data and medical reports are stored so that health care professionals can focus on their patients and provide the best quality medical treatments to them without delay.

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Comprehensive Clinic Management & Health Reporting Service

Endorsed by the Singapore Medical Association, Medibank provides a plethora of modules and system features that include the following:
• Web-based System
• Patient Management
• Alert for Patient Allergies
• Alerts for Vaccination Reminders
• Alerts for Appointment Reminders via Email & SMS
• Alerts for Expiring Drugs and Other Medication
• Tracking and Reporting of Patients’ Health Data
• Prescription Management
• Billing and Payment Management
• Efficient Inventory Management

Enhance your patient management using Medibank as a cost-effective way to improve clinic operations and patient care by streamlining medical administrative processes to ensure quick patient turn around time and secured, encrypted storage of patient data.

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Advanced security system set in place to safeguard and ensure protection of confidential information and data.

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Medical data and information are all stored in a centralised database, which classifies documents in a user-friendly way.

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Compatible with Windows, Apple, and Smart Phones with 24/7 accessibility. Level of access may be customised.