E-Commerce Website

At Top3 Media, we help you in e-commerce web design Singapore to boost the sale of your products online. E-commerce is important because:

  • It gives you a global market
  • You are able to sell your products around the clock
  • It saves you money because you do not need a brick and mortar store
  • You get valuable customer feedback
  • You get to collect valuable data that will help you make informed decisions

e-commerce web design Singapore

Why E-Commerce Development?

We favor open source e-commerce software because this enables us to choose a product that will best suit your particular requirements at a low cost compared to commercial e-commerce software. The web designer Singapore we assign to you will be armed with the training, experience and tools necessary for the job.

What are the main measures we take when designing?


Product Photos

Human beings are visual creatures that respond favorably to images. We, however, take care not to overly abuse multi-media since we understand loading speed is one of the factors search engines consider when determining ranking.

e-commerce web design Singapore


Studies show that merchandising influences as much as ⅔ of all sales. It is for this reason that your web designer Singapore, will merchandize the different categories of products on your site for improved user experience. As a web design company, it is our policy to group products based on what they are used for.

e-commerce web design Singapore

Internal Links

We ensure that the e-commerce website is easy to navigate by including internal links that change color whenever they are clicked on.


Search Engine Optimisation

Your website will not help you if people do not even know it exists. We use different White Hat SEO friendly tactics to increase visibility. These include link building, the creation of content that is keyword-optimized and the submission of sitemaps of existing structures for easy mapping by search engines.


Customer Support

Your web designer will integrate solutions such as email and live chat as well as advertise your contact information.