Web Design

At WebDigital, we are a web design company that understands that your website is the face of your website in today’s increasingly connected world. We, however, understand that not just any website will do.

You should avoid template, DIY websites because you will not be able to integrate social media, blogs, members areas, landing pages, HTML emails, mobile themes, and everything else that will make customers keep returning to your site. The web designer Singapore we assign your case will combine usability, aesthetics and content in web design.


Responsive website

We will build you a responsive website. Responsive web design Singapore is increasingly important because more and more Singaporeans are accessing the internet through their mobile phones and other hand-held devices. A responsive website works on all types of devices. Google also favors responsive website.

What are the characteristics of the websites we design?


Call to Action

We make websites that have a clear call to action. It is only through the call to action that your visitors will know what you expect from them. We include such call to actions as “Buy Now” buttons and phone numbers. We also ensure that the ‘About Us’ page is engaging since there is where most people come to learn about you.


Tracking of Conversions

Good web design calls for the tracking of conversions. Tracking conversions allows you to accurately measure things such as your marketing spread and to evaluate the success of medications or improvements to your web design Singapore and other online marketing measures.


High Quality Content

Content, as the old adage goes, is king. We help you come up with high-quality content that is useful, engaging and informative. We ensure the content is as short as possible and easy to go through. We also ensure that is keyword optimized.


Visual Design

Human beings are visual creatures and as such, we help you come up with gorgeous visual design. We, however, take care not to overly use multi-media as this slows down loading speed. Loading speed is one of the factors search engines consider when determining ranking in SERPs.


Content Management System

The websites that we make feature stable structure and robust CMS. This is because the platform on which a website is built affects its usability and the efficiency of making updates and interacting with visitors. You should come to our web design Company because the CMS we go for will be quick-loading, SEO-ready, simple and accessible.